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corporate design.

The Process



Let’s get to know each other! We focus on your current style, your goals (business and personal), and if you are ready to get started!


Research and market analysis

We investigate the market situation, exploring design trends in your industry and needs of your target groups. You receive a detailed brand personality questionnaire and we choose your brand style. 


Logo Design

We create 4-6 logos, from which you select the best one. We make all necessary changes and bring your logo to perfection.


Visual elements of brand

Logo design is not the only visual representation of your brand. We will select for you a color palette, fonts, photos and make your corporate style recognisable.


Corporate Identity

Logo is ready, the color palette is chosen, and other visual elements are prepared, it’s time to unite them into one harmonic corporate style. We will prepare for you: business cards, forms, banners, flyers and posters.


Corporate Identity guide

The work is done. Visual materials are complete. To make sure you will use them properly, a style guide is produced for you. It provides instructions on how to use graphics and styles created for your brand. 


Our goal is to make your business stand out by our handcrafted,

custom-made graphic works.


We have dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to the inspiring and high-quality graphic designs.

If you have any questions about your branding,

feel free to contact me! 

Victoria E., Art Director and Graphic Designer

need a logo?

Thanks! Message sent.  |  Tel: +43 676 433 06 28 |  Skype: vikakrug

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