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Logo Design.

Logo development and branding:

successful brands with recognition value

  • Do you want to turn your company to a strong brand?


  • Do you wish your customers to recognize you?


Then you need a striking logo.


We are your partner for innovative designs,

high recognition value and memorable branding in Vienna.

Your trademark:

What is logo, corporate design and corporate identity?

A logo and corporate design belong together. Your logo conveys your message, it communicates for you.

As part of your visual appearance, your corporate design as well as your visual identity symbolize your business.


There are many types of logos we do. We will find the best one for you:  


Lettered logo

We use lettering or some font to create your logo.


Image logo

The logo consists of font and abstract or realistic Image.


Complex Logo

A combination of a lettered logo and an image will enhance your message. You receive Logo Style Guide with all Fonts and Color Palette.


Finding your own logo, standing behind it and addressing your customers is a process.


In this process, we accompany you and work closely with you.


You should be identified with your logo, it should represent you! Contact us for a free consultation! 

What matters for a logo:

Guaranteed recognition value

What should you achieve with your logo?

It should impress your customers and prospects.

Wherever it appears, they should immediately connect your trademark with your company.


To do so, it has to fulfill the following conditions:


Underline your individuality

The logo has to be specific and represent the individuality of your company.


Be distinctive

Your logo should stand out instead of being confusing.


Increase awareness

Your logo should bring you prominence. We will select your unique combination of the right colors, words, fonts and images.


Target audience

Would you like to address teenagers or adults? Is your target audience in the business or private sector? What values ​​does your target group have? With your new logo, we will target your potential customer base in order to have the maximum reach!


Do you want to stand out from the crowd?


Prices for logo development

It is nearly impossible to come up with a fair flat rate for branding.

The price depends on many factors, including the following ones:

The size of your business

Your priorities 

The amount of design

variations you would

like to have

Your requirements

for the logo


Quality has its price, which pays off.

Your logo is your flag that accompanies you for a long time.

Identify yourself with it to succeed.


Professional corporate design and logo development require a vast know-how. A successful mix of matching colors, lettering and visual composition will appeal to your target audience and establish your brand on the market in the long term.


We are an agency for successful brand presences - we make strong logos and innovative websites.


We will be happy to discuss everything with you in person

during the first free consultation.

need a Logo?

Thanks! Message sent.  |  Tel: +43 676 433 06 28 |  Skype: vikakrug

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