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app development

Your advertising agency in Vienna:

development of apps for Android and iOS

Are your sales stagnating despite the great products and services you offer?

Do you wish for a more innovative business approach?


An app for Android and iOS will solve both of these problems and bring you some additional benefits.

Our advertising agency develops mobile applications for future-oriented clients.

Do you have questions or would you like to have your own app?

Call us or send us an email.

Why should my company develop an app?


Not only the large companies have their own apps for Android and iOS but also the innovative and successful ones.


Mobile apps are not just a trend, it’s a must-have. Large companies, public institutions and start-ups are the pioneers of application software for smartphones.


Well-functioning software solutions with good usability offer compelling advantages to the future-oriented companies.


In-house apps for faster and
more direct communication

The larger your business, the slower the communication channels. Misunderstandings and errors occur almost automatically.

The right software solution handles internal processes faster and more directly. It automates tasks and makes live of your employees easier allowing your operation to be more effective and to focus on optimizing sales!


Faster management
for service-oriented companies

Booking of appointments, venues or services automated by your app. You will no longer need to coordinate or organize things by yourself. Your brand new app will take care of this for you. These enormous efforts will disappear. Now you will have more time to push your core business and enhance the quality of your services!


Automated sales processing in

Coordinating the sale of products and goods via online shop takes a great deal of time. Let the app do it for you! From now on, your mobile application will take care of sales, confirmations, task allocations and notifications. You will benefit from the faster and more reliable processes while your customer will appreciate the top-notch service!


Direct communication and sustainable branding

Apps enable you to reach your target group directly. By means of notifications, you can congratulate your customers on their birthday and offer discounts to those who recommend your company to their friends and family. Having your app on their device, your clients will come into contact with your brand several times a day - through direct communication or simply by seeing your app icon. It has never been so easy to build a strong brand – just go for it!

Free Meeting

During our first free meeting, we will be happy to demonstrate to you the benefits of your future app. 

Our offer for your customized app 

Free consultation and professional development.

Our customers are as unique as our customized applications.

You will receive a solution that will sustainably optimize your processes and increase your customer base. 


First Free interview

We'll get to know you during our first free meeting. What does your company need and what should be achieved by the application? We will advise you comprehensively on your app’s possibilities and potential. Based on the interview, we will make a cost estimate - if you agree, we start with your customized app.


Workshop for the sound basis

Together with our Vienna-based partner agency, we successfully help our clients get their own app. In the workshop, we go deep into the matter to create a good base. What features does your app need? Is there more potential for it? How can the app optimize your revenues? With a well-founded know-how, we will guide you to a stable starting point for your own app.


Design and Development

Now the experienced designers and highly professional developers start making your innovative application. Current trends and important requirements are always in focus: User-friendly design, simple processes, logical structure and good usability. You are involved in the process and share your input and wishes with us. We are satisfied only when you are.


Permanent Testing

During this phase, your app is being thoroughly tested! Together we test all functions over and over again, control the design and make sure the development is flawless. Only when it is perfect and you agree with the result, we give the GO!


Publishing and Marketing

After the test phase and your OK, we start. The app will be released on the Playstore for Android and AppStore for iOS. Along the way, we do intensive marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to get your app up and running fast. We support you in all areas and remain at your disposal!

Free Meeting

Take advantage of our first free meeting and ask us any questions you have.

We will show you in detail what potential a mobile application has for your business. 


Get started with your app development: Your own app from € 15,000, -
Our advertising agency in Vienna offers you creative and innovative solutions for your customized mobile applications.

Digitise your business with your own smartphone app.

Our agency will accompany you from the idea to the market launch.


Depending on requirements and scope, we will develop your app already starting from € 15,000, -


During the first free initial consultation, we can go into more detail about the price and the costs as well as all your requirements and wishes.

need an app?

Thanks! Message sent.  |  Tel: +43 676 433 06 28 |  Skype: vikakrug

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